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topic: "Who am I today? What are we doing tomorrow?"
The thematic orientation of the competition is supposed to support art projects using the internet as a communicative space for thoughts on topics of the future.
prizes: An independent jury decides on the awarding of a prize sum of 8.000 Euro.
jury: The organizer is going to commission a jury to select 50 contributions which are going to be nominated for the 2001 InternetArtAward.
The jury selects the winner from these 50 nominated works. The decision will be made by a simple majority of votes. Taking legal action against the decision is impossible.
Criteria for the awarding of the prizes are quality in the handling of the topic, artistic quality and technique of the internet specific realisation.
jury members: Prof. Dr. Arved Huebler, Institute of Print and Media Technology, Chemnitz Technical University
Simon Fuchs, media designer, Berlin
Prof. Alba D'Urbano, hgb Leipzig, media art
Rudolf Frieling, Centre for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe
Michael Guggemos, IG Metall, Berlin
submission: Each participant is allowed to submit two contributions at maximum. All works must not have been published by the time of their submissions.
Single participants and groups are both welcome to take part. There is no limitation in the use of multi-media design- and interaction techniques.
The web-sites should be accessible with common hard- and software, necessary plug-ins should be available and easily obtainable.
All submitted works have to be put down on the competition's server.
terms of participation: enrolment
All participants have to enrol at and fill out enrolment form .
deadline: 15th March 2001
(early enrolment is suggested for technical and organizational reasons)
ftp account
Each participant will be given 5 MB disc capacity including 1 HTML file, 1 CGI file and 1 Quicktime streaming file on the competition's server. Within this sphere, the project can be created and worked upon.
declaration of participation
All participants declare their work to be finished and submit it officially to the competition. The declaration of participation (pdf) can be loaded down under
The form, filled out and signed, has to be send by mail or fax to: IG Metall Chemnitz, Jaegerstrasse 5, 09111 Chemnitz fax: +49 (0) 371 - 644 63 84
deadline: 30th March 2001 (date of postmark)
contact: general information: info
technical information:
message board:
deadline for enrolment: 15th March 2001
deadline for submission: 30th March 2001
legal terms: general provisio against abuse
The server area put to disposal must only be used for participation in the competition. The artists are solely responsible for the content of their contribution. All contributions stick to the principle of good faith and are in accordance with the ethic morale principles of free democracy.
They must not contain party political and promotional content. Violations as well as commercial, immoral and technically improper use results in expiry of the right to access.
Exclusion from liability
The people running the competition's server make sure that all submitted works are technically available. They are only liable for deliberate or negligent action. They do not accept liability for unforeseen technical defects or consequential damage.
Right of publication and usage
The organizer of the competition is allowed to publish all submitted works within the scope of the competition and the documentation of it in electronic as well as printed form. No copyright or licence claims can be derived from the noncommercial publication. Copyright remains with the artist.
documentation / records Nomineed contributions will remain on the server for ten years for documentation and research.
organizer: IG Metall Chemnitz, City of Chemnitz, Department for culture
partner: Chemnitz Technical University, Saxon Museum of Industry
sponsoring: artemedia ag

top Application
I would like to take part in the 2001 Internet Art Award.
Please set up my FTP account on the competition's server.
name, first name
country, place of residence, post code, street, number
profession / occupation, university / institution
(provisional) title of work

Statement of Participation

Please print out the form (pdf), fill it out, sign it and send it to:

Mail:, IG Metall Chemnitz, Jaegerstr. 5-7, 09111 Chemnitz
Fax: +49 (0) 371 - 6446384

deadline: 30th March 2001 (date of postmark)

Press Release

From the 1st December 2000, the calling for participants for the 2001 InternetArtAward can be found online under
Hereby, the IG Metall and the City of Chemnitz are going to start a project in close co-operation with the Institute of Print and Media Technology at the Technical University Chemnitz, which is asking creative and committed people to work on topics of the future.

"Who am I today? What are we going to do tomorrow?" is just one variant within the matrix of terms, which can be used to describe the thematic characteristic of the 2001 InternetArtAward.

Art receives exciting impulse by questions of the identity of mankind, of our ability of perception, of action and reaction in complex systems, of changes in the conception of the world and its people in a age of rapid developments in information technology.
Nowadays, new information and media technologies inevitably contribute to the expansion of possibilities to express oneself artistically. The internet, especially, offers the interactive and communicative space for thoughts on the complex topic of 'future'.

The organizer of, the 2001 InternetArtAward is especially aiming at young people, students, media designers, artists and so on, who would like to put their visions and positions to the topic into action.

The IG Metall has allocated a sum of 8.000 Euro for the 2001 InternetArtAward. The prize will be awarded by an independent jury. Deadline for all contributions is the 30st March 2001. Winners and nominees will be published in spring 2001. These works will also be kept available on the server for ten years for documentation and research.

The announcement of the jury's decision and the awarding of the prizes will take place during an event celebrating the 110th anniversary of the IG Metall Chemnitz.
The IG Metall is committed to combine living tradition with visionary future projects for its active work of today and it describes its standard as a modern industrial trade union.

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